The Winston Tabb Special Collections Research Center

The Tabb Center advances original research, student engagement, and public humanities scholarship by connecting faculty, students, staff, and the larger Baltimore community to the Sheridan Libraries’ rare books, manuscripts, and archives.

Areas of Focus

Public Humanities Scholarship

We cultivate an exchange of knowledge between Johns Hopkins University and the larger Baltimore community through participatory action research, oral history initiatives, performance, community-based learning, exhibitions, and lectures. Working with a variety of publics and institutions, we collaboratively frame research questions, project design, and interpretation of special collections materials with the goal of generating social change.

Student Engagement and Teaching

We support a wide array of opportunities for students to engage with and add to our special collections materials, including courses taught through the Program in Museums and Society, the Freshmen Fellows and DURA undergraduate research fellowships, and hands-on engagement, including the annual Edible Book Festival and vintage game nights.

The Tabb Center is a public-facing arm of Special Collections, which houses a vast collection of rare books, oral histories, historic documents, and materials pertaining to the history of Baltimore and Johns Hopkins University.

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The Tabb Center, established by President Ronald J. Daniels and Johns Hopkins University’s board of trustees, is named in honor of Winston Tabb for his enduring support of original scholarship.

A fellow considers a mural on Pennsylvania Avenue
participants in the freshman fellows program

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