Opportunities for students to engage with the Sheridan Libraries’ special collections of rare books, manuscripts, and archives through activities that encourage hands-on access to rare books and artifacts, conversation with curators and archivists, and most crucially, lively explorations celebrating popular cultures of the past.

Edible Book Festival

The Sheridan Libraries Edible Book Festival began in 2014 and is now a highly-anticipated annual Johns Hopkins tradition. Contestants are encouraged to combine word play with books, decoration, and ingredients to create desserts inspired by literary titles, characters, or authors.

This annual event is one of many such festivals that take place around the world on or around April 1 to celebrate books, art, food, and culture. The Tabb Center launched a virtual festival for 2021 and look forward to celebrating the event online once again in April 2022.

Download and Engage

Our special collections support research, but who says you can’t have fun while learning? Here are some ways to take a break and refocus by engaging with our rare book, manuscript, and archival collections. Share with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Vintage Game Night

At these annual events students are invited to play a variety of historic games dating back to the 19th century, drawing on our collection of fortune-telling games, women’s suffrage tabletop and card games, and 20th century party games related to fashion, dating, and celebrity.

These exciting and fun events are opportunities to learn about game development, strategy, and the marketing and design of entertainment for particular audiences.

Explore the Vintage Game Night photo gallery on Flickr

a book made of cake
instructions to build a matchstick car

Teaching & Instruction

We offer undergraduate courses taught through the Program in Museums and Society. Students develop skills in the analysis and interpretation of primary sources and engage them in critical conversations about how scholars, archivists, and public historians share, commemorate, and remember the past.