Brief project description, including primary Sheridan Libraries’ collection(s) and expected outcome (e.g. research paper, online exhibition, film, etc.) Note: if your project is selected for a DURA, this abstract will be posted on the Tabb Center’s website.
Outline the specific topic to be explored and research question(s) you would like to investigate. Why do you want to undertake this research?
List the specific rare book, manuscript, oral history and/or archival materials in the Sheridan Libraries’ collections that you propose to examine.
Describe the expected outcome(s) of your project (e.g. developing an honors thesis topic, research paper, exhibition, film, digital application, etc.).
Briefly outline your qualifications for conducting the research (e.g., your undergraduate status, general academic interests, related classes, personal or work experience, related research).
Outline your timeline for completion of your project, including how often you and your mentors will meet about the project.

Next step: Have your mentor email a letter recommendation to Dr. Joseph Plaster at by April 4.

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